Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there racking in the trailer?

Both sides are racked as standard. If you wish to put pallets in the trailer, just let us know so we can remove some, or all of the racking to make space for pallets.

  • Can it be delivered chilled?

This is only really helpful if the goods going in the trailer will already be chilled. If they are, then yes we can deliver it pre chilled.

  • How long does it take for the trailer to come down to fridge temperature?

It takes Two Hours for an empty trailer to come down to +2c during the summer months, this is significantly reduced during colder months. A Trailer full of boxed bottles however, takes significantly longer and a minimum of 24 hours should be allowed. Removing bottles from boxes and spreading it out on the racking does help to reduce the time it takes.

  • What sort of power supply is required?

Just a normal 13amp household type plug socket.

  • How much power does it draw?

At peak chilling when it is working hardest, it will draw 2.5-3.0KW. A minimum of 5KVA generator to ensure sufficient power.

  • Can you supply a generator to run it from if there is no power at the venue?

Yes we can supply a generator to supply power to the trailers. For more information please contact us.

  • How big is it?

We have two different sizes, referred to as 3 Meter and 4 Meter. The 3m is the most popular and is adequate to chill liquor and canapés for most functions up to about 300 people. The 4m is for larger functions, or if there is a requirement to Freeze. Only the 4m trailers can Freeze to -18 as well as chill.

3m Internal dimensions 3000mm long x 1750mm wide x 1970mm high

3m External dimensions 4500mm long x 2300mm wide x 27000mm high

4m Internal 3945mm long x 1685mm wide x 2000mm high

4m External 5520mm Long x 2302 mm wide x 2710 mm high

  • Can the racking be removed so that a pallet can be loaded straight in with a fork-lift?

Yes just let us know when you make the booking if you would like all the racking removed or just racking down one side.

  • How do you access the trailer?

There are full size barn-type rear doors with single handle operation and internal release.

  • How heavy are they?

The 3m weighs 1000KG empty and has a gross weight of 2500kgs so a capacity of 1500KG

The 4m weighs 1300kg empty and has a gross weight of 3000kgs so a capacity of 1700KG

  • Can I collect and tow the Trailer myself?

We try to avoid this scenario because of the complications with the current towing laws and insurance. It is also important to have the right towing vehicle. If you need to move the trailer yourself, please inform us at the time of making the booking so that we can ensure the right insurance covers are in place.